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Sofia Smallstorm Avatar Update PO Box 698 Cardiff CA 92007. Read samples here . I o d i n e. Great daily supplement for body regulation! Nascent and Lugol's. Buy here or read more . THE INDEPENDENT THINKER'S CHEMTRAILS FACT SHEET glossy postcards Big, beautiful, full-color 10 facts, plus websites for info Sofia Smallstorm. COVID -19: The virus model is simply a storyline. The virus model is simply a storyline that has taken the world by storm. This was the result of many decades of conditioning of the public. Any storyline might have worked, but you have to prep people first

Sofia Smallstorm is an independent researcher who has written and presented extensively on hidden agendas and complex events since her work on 9/11. In the process of researching that topic she discovered the phenomenon of artificial clouds and geoengineering—or chemtrails Sofia Smallstorm, one of the most prolific researchers in the alternative news media today joins me and SGT Report contributor Mark S. Mann for a one hour di..

On 16 th March 2009, Sofia Smallstorm, maker of the film 9/11 Mysteries - Part 1 - Demolitions and owner of the website www.911weknow.com appeared on the Mike Herzog show, American Awakening on the WTPRN network to discuss a new theory she had just proposed to explain some of the destructive effects seen at the World Trade Centre Complex on 9/11 From the description at YouTube under the video: Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook: Published on November 5, 2013 (Video 1) DVD is available at www.AvatarProducts.com. ($25.00) If you really liked this presentation, consider making a donation to Sofia Smallstorm's research at www.AboutTheSky.com! Note: A feature of classical music is its range of volume -- from barely audible notes to the. Sofia Smallstorm Avatar Update PO Box 698 Cardiff CA 92007. Read samples here . Cell phone shields! Large variety of fabrics/ultrasuede. Lining blocks radiation. Order here. I o d i n e. Great daily supplement for body regulation! Nascent and Lugol's. Buy here or read more . THE INDEPENDENT THINKER'

Last News from the Newtown Bee, September 18th 2013: Police Continue To Pursue Leads In Search For Missing Man. Twitter - Help Find Hoagie. Video timestamp 29:46: Laughing Parents - Robbie Parker, Lynn McDonnell, Victoria Soto, Anne Marie Murphy, Adam lanza- Picture Anamolies, Sofia Smallstorm goes into detail Sophia Smallstorm is the maker of the very well made documentary movie 9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions. After I had seen her work and how serious she is in treating the issue I donated money to help her for the production of the announced parts 2 and 3 of her docu-series Find the best information and most relevant links on all topics related toThis domain may be for sale Sofia Smallstorm Provides an Alternative Theory About Viruses December 22, 2018 December 22, 2018 renegade 53 Comments. Renegade Editor's Note: This sounds like an interesting theory, but I do not know enough about the topic to fully endorse it ANALISI CHIMICHE (67) 9 ottobre 2015 Sofia Smallstorm: La famosissima biologa è scomparsa dopo questa conferenza

Sofia Smallstorm connects the dots between the modern radiation era, geo engineering and the creation of synthetic biology. For the complete presentation check Sofia's interviews and podcasts can be found on YouTube. Topics range widely, with more recent focus on biology and health. Sofia Smallstorm is a graduate of Brown University. Her blog can be found at www.SofiaSmallstorm.com, and her online store, which offers a range of products for what she calls 'bioremediation,' is AvatarProducts.com A.k.a. Sofia/Monica Smallstorm Sofia Shafquat is another ridiculous Internet cult-celebrity of the Nancy Lieder type. She made her name for her movie 9/11 Mysteries Part 1: Demolition, a truther pseudo-documentary intended to be the first installment in a series of three Non è possibile visualizzare una descrizione perché il sito non lo consente Sofia Smallstorm, author of Avatar Update, joins me this week on the Solari Report to discuss glyphosate - what it is and why she is so concerned about it. We discuss her recent stories on polluted Florida shorelines and the alarming number of thoroughbred racehorse deaths - and the possibility that glyphosate and environmental toxicity is threatening whole industries and economies

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Sofia Smallstorm aka Sofia Shafquat Another loon involved with the rebooted Hooker conspiracy. Like Fetzer she has a long association with right wing woo. For instance she's pushed 911 truth conspiracies for years. She made a movie called 9/11 Mysteries, which has a wikipedia page, but only in German ‎Researcher and writer Sofia Smallstorm returns to SGT Report to discuss the second wave deception and much more. ‎Show The Propaganda Antidote, Ep ONE MUST ONLY LOOK TO SEE THEIR DECEPTION ON FULL DISPLAY -- Sofia Smallstorm - Jun 30, 202 LA BIOLOGA SOFIA SMALLSTORM SCOMPARSA DOPO AVER REALIZZATO QUESTO VIDEO Pubblicato da Elia Menta. Invia tramite email Postalo sul blog Condividi su Twitter Condividi su Facebook Condividi su Pinterest. 8 commenti: Shanty 27 gennaio 2014 11:09. Buongiorno e grazie per la pubblicazione di questi video

Sofia Smallstorm - The Real Truth Behind Viruses & Your Health! By Justin Stellman on June 22nd, 2020 Sofia Smallstorm talks about EMF, 5G, radiation, and the coronavirus aka COVID19 A FEMA photographer taking pictures of Ground Zero wondered why so MANY steel beams were jutting from neighborhood buildings. What shot pieces of the towers.. Sage of Quay Radio - Sofia Smallstorm - What You Cannot See Can Hurt You Justin Case November 19, 2017 November 19, 2017 GeoEngineering Watch , Global Research , Global Research , Nuclear Watch , Radi Unraveling Sofia Smallstorm's Video on Sandy Hook, Part 2 by Deanna Spingola February 18, 2014 although close to 200 people remained missing or unidentified. Locals claimed that over 200 of those that terrorists killed had burn marks while more than 100 were burned alive Unraveling Sofia Smallstorm's Video on Sandy Hook, Part 1, Part 2. the levitated people and cars, the MISSING buildings, and there were 7 buildings not 3 as Smallstorm fibbed to us)well, Dr. Wood has given us the real truth of what happened on 9/11, no guesswork, just the facts,.

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9/11 Eyewitness vs. 9/11 Mysteries Rick Siegel sues Sofia Smallstorm in Federal Lawsuit by The Idaho Observer. After threatening 911 Mysteries and its producer for two years, Rick Siegel finally got McDermott, Will and Emery of Chicago to file a lawsuit for him in federal court in April 2009, charging Smallstorm of using his footage in her film without his permission, and of adding. Apostolic Preaching- Mike Williams- 'Missing your Moment' Mike Williams, Sofia Smallstorm and David Weiss - The Giant Tr.. 9-11 Mysteries, the video-documentary by Sofia Smallstorm; Operation 9-11: No Suicide Pilots by Carol Valentine at www.public-action.com, and other important articles at that website; Behind the Smoke Curtain, the video-documentary by former Reagan aide, Barbara Honegger; also now a book by the same title Sofia Smallstorm's Expansion RBN Internet Radio Broadcast. 14 Nov 2008. Play Audio. AW - just run through [in] 5 minutes why you think HAARP was the instrument that caused the molecular dissociation and the controlled Missing door handles in cars and missing engine blocks, paint effects So this is Sofia Smallstorm thanking everyone for listening to this first hour and please do come to PureMomemtum.net and join us for the second hour in the Members Section with Paul Preston, 41 years in the public schools and someone who has been through a lot of staging of drills and has a lot of drill understanding and experience

We stand for free speech. We will not ban legal content even if we find it odious or if we personally condemn it. Not because that's the law in.. The Book of Job: 1:1 There was a man in the land of Uz, who's name was Job; & that man was perfect & upright, & one that feared God, & eschewed evil. 1:6 Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, & Satan came also among them. 1:11 But put forth thine hand now, & touch all that he hath, & he will cures the to thy face. 1:12 And the LORD said unto. From Sofia Smallstorm Sinead McCarthy tells us about her personal experience in a teen-rehabilitation facility, another exploitative industry that few people know about. I learned of Sinead's story here, and invited her to do a podcast. The breaking down of human spirits in this manner Buy or Sell? March 19, 2020; More updates on the ongoing doom thing March 19, 2020; Jonathan Yaniv PLEADS GUILTY to prohibited weapons charge March 18, 2020; All schools closed i

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Sofia Smallstorm, who produced and directed the documentary, Unraveling Sandy Hook, which many regard as the best video study of the Sandy Hook event, recently interviewed a Los Angeles school expert, Paul Preston, about Sandy Hook and his knowledge of what had transpired I've been itching to press on to this web character 'Miles Mathis' and, interestingly, 'Miles' himself has provided a direct segue. Last week he posted an 'outing' of the same two alt media figures I covered in my last post, David Weiss and Sofia Smallstorm; MM also did a defacto debunk of flat earth (FE), which I also did in my post 2013 DOCUMENTARY by Sofia Smallstorm, Peter Klein 92mins Sandy Hook Creating Reality. In this documentary, Sofia Smallstorm examines the Ring Of Power puzzles together the missing pieces of our human story. Watch Free . 2007 DOCUMENTARY by Bill Moyers 83min According to Sofia Smallstorm, why were the exact number (26) of Christmas trees for the memorial already sitting outside the fire house before the event occurred? Why do so many of the victims' family members appear to be acting, smirking, giggling, snickering and outright laughing after the event, such as Robbie Parker

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  1. I'm Jenna Stannis. I'm not real. Nothing is real. Musician, writer, role model, environmentalist, cyclist, fashion icon and top western interllectual, keeper of cats, part time witch, full time woman. Follow me on @abducted_co
  2. Sofia Smallstorm 1; Solaris Blue Raven 1; Soldiers 2; South America 1; South Carolina 1; Southern Exposure 1; Spiked drinks 1; spirits 1; SRA 1; SSRI's 1; Stanley McChrystal 2; Stefan Molyneux 1; Stupid laws 1; Stuxnet 1; Summer 2015 1; super soldiers 1; suppression 2; Surveillance 4; suspicious deaths 1; suspicious suicides 1; SWITZERLAND 1.
  3. I dont think anything is a design, you have so many competeing news outlets these days all looking for a scoop, therefore they play or say things before they have been checked and verified, the Boston bombings coverage was a classic example, this is a result of the 24 hours news networks competeing, not a conspiracy

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911 Mysteries, by Sofia Smallstorm, uploaded on 13 Sep 2009 This film has 90 minutes of pure demolition evidence and analysis, laced with staggering witness testimonials. Moving from the myth through the analysis and into the players, careful deconstruction of the official story set right alongside clean, clear science On November 21 st 2008, Alfred Webre and Leuren Moret again appeared on Sofia Smallstorm's Expansion programme on RBN (Internet). The first 40 minutes, or so, of the programme is taken up with a discussion about the nature of the soul and aspects of how it is different to the physical body - and how parts of it may be electromagnetic in nature David Dortch interveiwed by Sofia Smallstorm of About The Sky.com Posted on October 28, 2015 by kimdortch We finally get the chance to hear optometrist Dr. David Dortch talk about the SWAT raid on his home and the false criminal charges brought against him by Riverside County, California Sofia Smallstorm interviewed me about the project here: And the latest update, in support of my friends in France, here: 9/11 Crash Test proposes conducting a scientific experiment in the spirit of Mythbusters to resolve once and for all the question of whether or not a mostly hollow aluminum jet wing can slice steel as shown on television on 9/11 Anders listens to the Smallstorm interview of Preston and says Smallstorm is shilling for Preston; jorge listens and says Preston is shilling for Smallstorm.<br /><br />I don't see any reason to agree with either of them

According to GlobalMissingKids.org, 460,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States alone. This reminds me of a comment by Sofia Smallstorm in an old podcast in which she referred to these Rockefeller-devised implanted microchips as a means to create a sort of database or catalog of people BIOLOGICAL DARKNESS: The Assault on Humanity — Sofia Smallstorm. from SGTreport.com: BIOLOGICAL DARKNESS: The Assault on Humanity — Sofia Smallstorm VIDEO: My friend, RED ALERT: W@yfair $15,000 Cabinets & Missing ChiIdren!!! Featured S = Sofia Smallstrom . P = Paul Preston . S - Welcome back everyone to the Speed of Light on the Pure Momentum Network. This is Sofia Smallstorm and we're listening to a very interesting discussion - Paul Preston, school principal, school safety consultant, teacher, coach, and superintendent. He has been in the California system for 41 years I was reviewing a video with Sofia Smallstorm in which she recommended a book called Aids, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire the deadly virus of international greed. It is written by Nancy Turner Banks, M. D. On this episode of OffPlanet Radio, Sofia Smallstorm stops by to expand on a number of topics that have been on our minds. What is the true purpose of Julian Assange and Wikileaks and where do his

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Sofia asked great questions and did nice mid-discussion sum-ups. Steve, you did a fine job representing your position - almost all of which I agree with EXCEPT your characterizations of the 9/11 Truth Movement as being NOT a Truth movement at all Gil Harrington: Morgan Harrington Murdered and Dead for Good/ Pearse Redmond : Epstein Update In her hands, Gil Harrington held both the abomination of her daughter's gap-toothed skull, and the mother of her daughter's killer, blessing them both. The phone rang that bright October morning: Hello, this is the Charlottesville Police Department calling. We've found your daughter's purse on.

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  1. By Isaac Davis. In March of 2018, the U.S. national debt topped $21 trillion dollars, and now the average debt liability for an individual taxpayer is projected to be $161,022 by 2019. This means that every American taxpayer pretty much owes the government a house, when you consider that the median house price is around $200,000
  2. Sofia Smallstorm, who produced and directed the documentary, Unraveling Sandy Hook, which many regard as the best video study of the Sandy Hook event, recently interviewed a Los Angeles school expert, Paul Preston, about Sandy Hook and his knowledge of what had transpired. Governor Malloy had held a press conference that day, explaining that he and the Lt. Governor had been spoken to.
  3. Yesterday an American loony named Sofia Smallstorm released yet another interview featuring Ella Draper, who seems to have been appointed the Official Voice of the Hampstead SRA Hoax—understandably, since every time Abe opens his mouth he manages to alienate more of their followers. As the slightly less creepy Hoaxateer, Ella is really the best they'v
  4. Sanitas Radio is one of the best alternative health radio talk shows. Our shows cover natural and alternative health, cures, and prevention

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by Kane Slater Creator & Manager, CANNABIS CURES CANCERS! & The Hampstead Cover-Up (blocked in the U.K.) October 28, 2017 Article #7 in a series Menu. About; Social Stream; News. Alternative Political News. Articles; Videos; Financial. Articles; Videos; Health. Articles; Videos; Prep / Survival. Articles. Very excited to see folks here I've been missing for years. Sandy Hook Hoax - Sofia Smallstorm Interviews Paul Preston. Enemy Of The State. August 11, 2018. 17. We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook. IMS. May 25, 2018. Nice France Bastille Day Truck Attack Hoax - Roads Blocked


Sofia Smallstorm: It's Not About Your Health ? TIP Z TIP ! A BUCKET OF COLD WATER ON YOUR M.A.G.A 'HEAD IN THE SAND' LOGIC ? Matrix Mash #26: Managing The Actors & Living In An Open Air Experiment ? World Music Grab Bag - 2020 #0084; Dumpster Fire 4 Clip - Unnatural Born Killers ? Trevor Moore ? Founding Fathers Sofia Smallstorm | Cell Phone Radiation, The Machine Merge, & Glyphosate - The Higherside Chats | Co (01:15) Details/Play: Jul 26, 2018: Sofia Smallstorm | Cell Phone Radiation, The Machine Merge, & Glyphosate (01:15) Details/Play: Jul 22, 2018: Neil Kramer & Niles Heckman | Transmutation, The Divine Mysteries & The Path Of The Mystic - The Hig. It looks like Spike TV didn't find Clint Eastwood's joke about Caitlyn Jenner during the Guys' Choice Awards taping on Saturday very funny. A rep for the male-centered network sa Sandy Hook Hoax - Sofia Smallstorm Interviews Paul Preston. Enemy Of The State. August 11, 2018. 17. We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook. IMS. May 25, 2018. Nice France Bastille Day Truck Attack Hoax - Roads Blocked. Enemy Of The State. June 24, 2018. Webster Tarpley Analyzes George Bush on 9-/11 On this edition of The Realist Report, we're joined by Jim Gillen. Jim is the father of Tom Gillen, who was arrested in October of last year on federal conspiracy to riot charges as a result of his participation in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia as an active member of the Rise Above Movement. Tom has been in federal custody without bail for close to six months now.

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Unapologetic Patriot. I'm snarky and passionate. If you want it sugar coated, go to the bakery. I support Israel, and have no tolerance for AntiSemites Using Carnicom's research, and others, documentarian Sofia Smallstorm (9/11 Mysteries) raised a singularly spectacular question at a speech last year: Is it possible that Morgellons sufferers are those whose bodies are genetically rejecting these nano-engineered life forms, while our bodies are integrating them? [6 BIOLOGICAL DARKNESS: The Assault on Humanity — Sofia Smallstorm My friend, researcher and truther Sofia Smallstorm returns to SGT Report to discuss the concept of biological darkness and the all out assault against humanity, particularly as it pertains to our health 248 videos. 4215169 view As was the case throughout the 2016 presidential election campaign, virtually the entire political and media establishment are openly attempting to thwart now-President Donald Trump's agenda and discredit the righteous American populist. <!-- AddThis Advanced Settings above via filter on get_the_excerpt --><!-- AddThis Advanced Settings below via filter on get_the_excerpt --><!-- AddThis.

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Listen to The Higherside Chats on Spotify. THC is an interview-based show that seeks to explore topics of conspiracy, the paranormal, the psychedelic, & the esoteric with the best researchers and authors in the game Sofia Smallstorm's presentation 'From Chemtrails to Pseudo Life' is well researched and should be watched by anyone that thinks this is all Some of the buildings had half of their structure missing. One of the buildings that stood out was very odd looking. It was about 20 to 30 stories tall and looked like it was made out of. Many dismiss the theory that the federal government would place a nuclear facility within a national park. After reading the 1950 newspaper article at left, I am even more convinced there could be such a facility at Cumberland Gap National Park Bacteria's and viral agents already exposed with the analysis of chemtrails from Clifford Carnicom and Sofia Smallstorm. Blood cells and fungi transporters and the new nanotechnology provides microdetonics and frequency based triggers. Not too much news needs to be confirmed. The research this type is not science but warfare only By Jim Fetzer (with Paul Preston as interviewed by Sofia Smallstorm) I have a lot of sources in regards to as to what's going on with the president and the administration and so on, and every one of my sources said it was a false flag--Paul PrestonSofia Smallstorm, who produced and directed the documentary, Unraveling Sandy Hook, which many regard as the best video study of the.

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Sofia Smallstorm; Unraveling Sandy Hook . Aug 2, 2017 08/17. Aug 2, 2017. movies. eye 3,328 the extent of missing stage 2 LOX pipeline may be more visible here, near the super-cold LOX re-cooling pipeline circuit - where such external LOX condensation would most readily happen Conspicuously missing from that list are the books New Song cited and suspiciously missing (except for jew style mockery) from every WN blog. Like the Hebrew alphabet, the scriptures are binary and modular. Meant for the true creators of wealth. Good discernment there, New Song. Here's an example of the rubbing together of 2 brain cells. Ab.

In the Voynich manuscript, which had been in the hands of the Jesuits for centuries, we find a presentation of planets on 12 pages, that gave the names to the months of our calendar. However, jsut the very page containing important information about the plaet Fe relating to February seem to have gone missing Sofia Smallstorm Interviews Joe Atwill Connor Analyst. 9th- Mark Passio Truth, Mind, Reality Conference 2018 dts51sound. Red Ice Radio - Joseph Atwill - Hour 1 - Shakespeare's Secret Messiah & Vengeance on Europe Red Ice Radio. Why Is Jesus Missing From The Historical Record Sage of Quay Radio - Sofia Smallstorm - The Glyphosate Agenda: undefine

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